Have some questions about using Kiwi Dials? Check the list below to see if we've answered it. Otherwise, ask us at hello@kiwidials.com.

Is there any way for someone else to tell what my votes are?

No, as long as there are three people or more on your team. If a team has only two members, one member might be able to figure out how the other one voted.

I just voted, but the team average didn't change. Why not?

Call us paranoid, but to protect your privacy, we don't always add your vote to the average right away, but we'll make sure it's there within the hour.

If someone votes a lot, does their opinion count more than someone who just votes a few times?

No. As long as you vote at least once every seven days, your voice will be counted the same as someone who votes a lot.

Do I have to vote on every dial all the time?

No. Vote on whatever dials you are moved to vote on. The more people who vote on a dial, the higher that dial appears in the list.

How often and when should I vote?

You can vote as often as you like, but we recommend at least once every 7 days. Vote when you feel like you have an opinion, when something good or bad happens.

Who will see my vote?

Only you will see your vote.

Who will see the team average?

Everyone on the team can see the team average. Managers or stakeholders can request to purchase aggregated data, and if they do, we'll ask the moderators for permission and notify the teams members.

How do I know which way our scores are trending?

Click each dial to see the seven-day history for that dial, or visit the insights tab for a 30 day history.

How does the "Insights" tab work?

Each dial rolls up into one of seven components of team engagement. Each component is listed on the insights page. The overall engagement score, shown at the top of the insights page, is calculated based on these seven components.

Why is there no team average on some dials?

If there is no team average, it means that not enough people have voted on that dial to calculate an average.

How are the dials ordered?

At first they're sorted alphabetically, but once team members start voting the dials will automatically reorder. Below the surface, Kiwi Dials uses a team-sourced prioritization algorithm so that the most important dials float to the top. This allows teams to focus on the most important aspects of engagement for their team.

Why is my voting button empty?

It just means you haven't voted on that dial in the last seven days. Try voting now.

Why should I vote on this stuff anyway?

Team engagement matters. Companies with the highest employee engagement outperform their competitors by 2.5 to 1. But as important is it is, it's hard for most companies to manage because there aren't very many good ways to measure it. By using Kiwi Dials, you have a chance to see how the rest of your team is feeling, and make your voice heard, anonymously.

Will things change because I use Kiwi Dials?

We hope so. Data is a powerful thing. Try reviewing the top five dials in your weekly team meeting and discuss options for improving the things that are most important to you.

What if I have more questions, or need help?

Drop us a line at hello@kiwidials.com.